#7 - A taste of Nove Colli

#7 - A taste of Nove Colli
Difficulty: High
Distance: 79 Km
Elevation gain: 1930 Mt
Montetiffi, Perticara, San Leo, Pugliano

Loop route that follows certain sections of the route of the famous Gran Fondo Nove Colli for nearly 50 editions, each year attracts about 15,000 cyclists from all over Europe. The first hard part is the Passo delle Siepe known by cyclists in the area as Passo del Grillo. The climb is not particularly difficult, is quite smooth and the slopes are modest. After going downhill, one expects a short descent to the ascent of Gorolo. Shortly afterwards, it will be time for one of the most challenging climbs, Montetiffi, with gradients of 16%. The village of Montetiffi and its ancient parish church is worth a visit; in the past at this very location, skilled craftsmen made terracotta pans by hand which were used to cook the piadina romagnola mixing various materials according to secret recipes.
The next climb will be Perticara: the first part ascends on flat ground and then ramps become drier and then steeper until you reach the second part with double digit gradients.
It is not over yet, then it will be Monte Pugliano from the top of which goes back to San Leo to Secchiano so as to close the loop of this route and return to San Marino.