#5 - From San Marino at Monte Carpegna

#5 - From San Marino at Monte Carpegna
Difficulty: High
Distance: 109 Km
Elevation gain: 3400 Mt
Montegrimano, Montecerignone, Carpegna, Cippo, Cantoniera, Scavolino, Soanne, Villagrande, Eremo, Villagrande, San Leo, Agenzia, Montemaggio

To be honest, we should classify this route as “extreme” because in less than 110 km, there is 3,400 metres of exceeded elevation. It is not a walk, it looks good indeed, being one of the many routes of the Dolomites.
The route covers the climbs and roads on which the unforgettable Marco Pantani used to train. In the main part of this itinerary, you will imitate faithfully the passing stage of the Giro d’Italia 2014 where the Mountain was climbed twice from two very difficult sides. Are you ready to challenge yourself?