#4 - Three valleys

#4 - Three valleys
Difficulty: High
Distance: 103 Km
Elevation gain: 2300 Mt
Pietracuta, Novafeltria, Maciano, Pennabilli, Passo Cantoniera, Carpegna, Lunano, Macerata, Feltria, Monte Cerignone, Monte Grimano Terme

A route which runs through the valleys around the territory of the Republic: the Marecchia, the Leaf and the Conca. Taken individually, these valleys are the paths taken on by most local cyclists to ride without major unevenness during winter time.
The tour starts with the descent from Monte Titano on the mountainside of Acquaviva and locality of Gualdicciolo following the route of the River towards Monte Lungo via Marecchiese.
The difficult parts of this itinerary include the Cantoniera Pass, Monte Cerignone and Monte Grimano Terme and Monte Titano before returning to the arrival point. So, in just less than 110 km, more than 2,300 metres of elevation gain will be covered.