#2 - From San Marino in Urbino

#2 - From San Marino in Urbino
Difficulty: High
Distance: 106 Km
Elevation gain: 2430 Mt
Morciano, San Giovanni in Marignano, Tavullia, Urbino

Loop ride along the trails of inland Romagna and Marche until you come to one of the most famous in the area: Urbino. After the winding descent from Monte Titano and a stretch near the banks of the Conca River, the road climbs up until it reaches Monte Altavellio. In 30 kilometres, you will reach Urbino, the “ideal town of the Renaissance”, which stands on a hill between two valleys and from here (Fort Albornoz), you can admire the great view of Montefeltro with San Marino in the background. From here, continue through the towns of Montefabbri, Colbordolo, Talacchio and later re-enter Romagna across Montegridolfo, Mondaino and Saludecio. The return will occur by passing the River Basin and then re-climbing Monte Titano.