#52 - Through the hills of Rimini

#52 - Through the hills of Rimini
Difficulty: Low
Distance: 60 Km
Elevation gain: 830 Mt
Serravalle, Galazzano, Cantelli, Villa Verucchio, Corpolò, San Paolo, Monte Cieco, Covignano, Verucchio

This is one of those routes that could be called a “black sheep” because of all those recommended, it is the only one with a difference in altitude lower than 1,000 metres. As soon as you are outside the border of Galazzano, you will follow one of those routes that will give shape to some of the ecological rides embracing Romagna, Marche and Tuscany. Another peculiarity of this route is also the so-called “gozzi”, short and steep climbs that take your breath away and cut your hamstrings… metaphorically speaking.