#51 - Villagrande

#51 - Villagrande
Difficulty: High
Distance: 50 Km
Elevation gain: 1680 Mt
Murata, Capanne, Montegrimano, Monte San Paolo, Montetassi, Savignano, Valle Magnone, Cuccagna, Capodarco, Villagrande, Montegrillo, Murata

From San Marino to Montone park in Villagrande. The route winds along stretches of asphalt and dirt tracks at high altitude. The difference in altitude and mileage makes this itinerary challenging, but worth seeing is the natural beauty and points of historical interest: starting from the gigantic trees inside the Park to reach Stele a Garibaldi on Monte San Paolo up to the balcony in Campodarco.