#50 - Across Valmarecchia

#50 - Across Valmarecchia
Difficulty: High
Distance: 74 Km
Elevation gain: 1830 Mt
Murata, Gualdicciolo, Ciclabile del Marecchia, Novafeltria, Talamello, Massamanente, Cantina, Giungla, Monte Matto, Montebello, Ponteverucchio, Villa Verucchio, Verucchio, Galazzano, Serravalle, Domagnano, Borgo M.

The suggested itinerary enhances the characteristics of the Valmarecchia whose river by the same name, Marecchia conventionally marks the border between northern Italy and central-southern Italy. After an initial flat stretch, you will start to ascend enjoying the views from a privileged point which covers the whole valley.
Novafeltria and Verucchio towns are at the extremes of this tour that will also include the ascent to the top of Monte Titano through a gentle route, the one where the little train in the 1930s ran from Rimini to San Marino.