#46 - At the peak of Monte Pincio

#46 - At the peak of Monte Pincio
Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 51 Km
Elevation gain: 1060 Mt
Gualdicciolo, Talamello, Monte Aquilone, Perticara, Monte Pincio

Of all the routes suggested, this is one of the most ridden routes and appreciated by cyclists in the area. The starting point is Guadicciolo and through a quick way along the cycle route, you will reach the village of Campiano. Here the dirt track surrounded by chestnut trees begins that will take you to the Summit of Monte Aquilone with demanding ascents and descents. This will be the highest point of the route, but also where you can show off your skills. In fact, descending, you will cover quite a demanding route amongst rocks. It is no coincidence that this part is always ridden on by cross country specialists, Enduro and expert cyclists who want to test their skills.