#9 - Vom Valconca zum Valmarecchia

#9 - Vom Valconca zum Valmarecchia
Schwierigkeitsgrad: Mittel
Entfernung: 61 Km
Höhengewinn: 1730 Mt
Montegrimano Terme, Monte Cerignone, Villagrande, San Leo

A relatively easy trail that leads to the discovery of the two main valleys that surround San Marino: Valconca and Valmarecchia. Not only can you admire these valleys, but also the castles and medieval villages that are dotted along these 61 km. Such as the medieval fortress of the beautiful village of San Leo (almost 600 metres above sea level) which is the former residence of the Malatesta family and is famous because the Alchemist and healer Cagliostro was imprisoned there.